Win A Free Copy Of WWE All Stars!

We are giving away two copies of WWE All Stars, one for the PlayStation 3 and one for the Xbox 360 this Thursday on our special 50th episode of the Lock and Load podcast.

We are also giving away a very awesome Macho Man and John Morrison All Stars figure pack as seen below:

Check out the Path of Champions trailer below for WWE All Stars:

By the way, that’s just one of the many videos that out there for WWE All Stars, you can watch them all by checking out their YouTube page. You can also check out the demo for WWE All Stars right now, it’s currently available on the Xbox Live Marketplace as well as the PlayStation Network Store. I was playing it earlier today and was having a blast using The Ultimate Warrior to fight against Rey Mysterio, that was until Ray pulled off his 619 move and KO’d me. It’s a pretty fun time though, you all should check it out.

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  • I have to admit I had zero interest in this game until this week when the I seen the roster. Anyone who followed the WWF in the 90’s must surely pick this up.

  • Agreed.. I liked wrestling back in those days (80s, 90s).. and this game seems to have all of those greats!

  • I agree as well. Wrestling sucks anymore. But back in the days of Hulk Hogan, Randy Macho Man Savage, and Andre the Giant is the bomb!

  • Played the game at PAX East it was a great game and was fun to play, can’t wait till it comes out.