News From C2E2 Part 2

C2E2 is Chicago’s newest premier comic book convention. 2011 is only C2E2’s second year and it’s already huge. Everything a nerd could enjoy was there: video games, movies, anime, tv, comedy, music and of course comic books. Comic books are definitely the focus of C2E2. As always with a big convention, there was a lot of news announced at C2E2. Especially from Marvel and DC. I wasn’t able to go to every single panel, but I was able to hear a lot of the announcements first hand. Here are the rest of the announcements I heard at C2E2.

Herc – A new series with Marvel’s Hercules is starting soon and it’s simply titled Herc. Fred Van Lente, a writer on the series, described it as an “urban Conan.” Hercules doesn’t have his godly powers anymore but he still has thousands of years of fighting experience and has raided Ares’ armory. Fred Van Lenten and Greg Pak, the writers on the series, have already made Hercules a great character and I’m excited to see the next chapter with the character.

Mystery Men – this series will follow the first group of masked heroes to fight crime in the Marvel Universe. Taking place in the 1930’s Mystery Men is going to be a pulp comic with brand new heroes and villains to the Marvel universe. This series seems like it’s right up my alley. The character designs are great and I love the time period. The series starts in June and will double ship that month. David Liss and Patrick Zircher are working on the book.

Incredible Hulks – Greg Pak has been writing the Incredible Hulk for years but his run is coming to an end. Heart of the Monster will be his last story arc with Hulk and the teaser shows that Pak is leaving with a bang.

Black Panther – DareDevil is getting his own new book which means Black Panther is keeping DareDevils old numbering and the nick name The Man Without Fear. Writer David Liss revealed that Black Panther’s wife, Storm, and Kraven the Hunter will be in the upcoming Black Panther story arc.

Iron Age – Rob Williams has a new mini series titled Iron Age starting in June. In Iron Age an old Iron Man enemy will harness the power of the Dark Phoenix and destroy Earth. Fortunately, Iron Man gets thrown back in time and has to get back to the future to stop Earth’s fate. The book’s main drawing point for me is Iron Man meeting classic heroes during their heydays.

Supreme Power – A new Supreme Power book is coming by writer, Kyle Higgins. Real people with flaws and contradictions gain super powers. A tag line from Higgins instantly sold me on the book. “The power of gods with none of the insight.”

Batgirl – a favorite of mine, Batgirl, will soon be going to London on a Batman Inc. mission to infiltrate a school for girls that “might be more than it seems” according to artist Chris Burnham.

Random Bits – These are some little pieces of information given out as answers to fan questions. The loose ends for the fan favorite title Runaways will eventually be wrapped up. Earth’s champion has appeared in Brightest Day, but from the way the creators talked it won’t be an obvious character. People like the blonde cartoon version of Aqualad to the dreadlock comic book version despite the comic version being obviously superior. Gambit will be getting a bigger role in the Marvel Universe after being sidelined for a while. Amadeus Cho will be appearing in a currently unknown Fear Itself tie-in.

These announcements are just a small part of all the comic book news to come out of C2E2. For more I recommend checking out the great site Comic Book Resources.

Pictures Via Marvel and DC Comics

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