Resident Evil: Revival Selection Games Coming To North America As Downloads

Everyone’s heard about Resident Evil: Revival Selection right? No? Ok well it’s just a collection of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code Veronica remastered for HD. So why am I talking about this? Well yesterday we heard about it coming to Japan and today we hear that both games are coming to North America, but as downloadable games on the PSN and XBLA. The best part is that they’re coming this fall!

I don’t know about anyone out there but I’m super pumped for Code Veronica in HD and only slightly excited about Resident Evil 4 HD. Oh and hey, why don’t you check out these sweet comparison screenshots.

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  • Really? DLC? Goddamit Capcom just realease em’ in in stores some of us can’t get Live or get on PSN -_-