Hunted – Power Of Two Trailer

Check out this awesome trailer showcasing some of Hunted’s cooperative gameplay.
Hunted looks like it will be a cross between Gears Of War gameplay and dungeon exploring. The exciting part is the emphasis on two player action. Has this game caught your interest yet? Leave a comment and let us know.

Hunted, a fantasy action game, is a fresh take on the classic dungeon crawl experience that delivers the intensity and action of a modern-day shooter. The warrior Caddoc and the huntress E’lara must fight their way through besieged towns, sprawling dungeons, and ancient ruins as they become entwined in a tale of corruption and deceit. The two must combine Caddoc’s brute strength with E’lara’s deadly accuracy to vanquish a horde of foul creatures and untangle the mystery of the Demon’s Forge, gaining access to unstoppable magic and an arsenal of weaponry hidden by ancient puzzles along the way.

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