Traverse Review (iPod Touch)

Game Review: Traverse
Release: Mar 09, 2011 Last Update
Developer: Pick Up And Play
MSRP: $0.99
Rating: 4+
Version: 1.2
Size: 4.1 MB
Website: Pick Up & Play

Traverse can be best described as an odd quirky puzzle type game. Each different level offers a new challenge of how exactly you will beat the level with the required amount of points. Beating the game requires skill and precision to traverse into the winners spot.

Here is what the developer says:

Traverse is a new type of puzzle game involving physics. With two game modes, traverse has countless hours of high quality entertainment. Developed specifically for iOS devices, it’s the perfect mobile game.

Tap once to start a line tap again to control where your orb will Traverse. Controlling your energy disc you must try to follow a path to power nodes. Traverse is played by consuming power nodes in each level. Consuming a node happens when your disc hits it. Gain more nodes to gain more points helping you advance to the next level. Setting the disc free sets the game in motion, magnetically it will return back to the ring via the path you have set. Careful though you are under a limited number of shots in each level so you have to plan your strategy to consume all the nodes.

Which way your disc travels is controlled by setting the location of two different targets. One is the disc target the other is the ring target. Once these locations are set releasing the disc the path could either be straight or very curved, depending upon where you set your targets, the path of the disc could be straight, or very curved. 9 types of power-up cells can alter the path of your disc, power-ups such as exploding, multi-disc spawning and more. Completion of all the puzzles will need the mastery of each power-up.


– New Levels to unlock

– Game Center

-Multiple Puzzles

-Intuitive Game Play

One improvement that should be implemented is a control system that makes the learning curve of the game a little more easy. Control was really the only issue that I found in the game without that issue the game would have been a lot better. Unfortunately the game suffered a bit due to this small issue, reading the tutorial did help a good amount.

Getting used to the game took a few times to finally get the controls and the motion down right. Even getting used to how the game controlled multiple times I found myself trying to remember exactly what to do. Overall it was very different from other puzzle type games I have played it was a fun but challenging change.

With a few fixes it is worth a BUY

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