Gaming Confessions: Dragon Age 2

Disclaimer – I will try and keep this spoiler free but be warned I may imply or suggest things that you may not want to read if you have yet to play the game. Also this is not a review, but an opinion based on my experience and nothing else. If you disagree please comment below or if you feel so inclined posts your own rebuttal

Disclaimer aside onto the main event:

I didn’t expect to write this but I have been playing Dragon Age 2 since it was launched, I have tried to experience all variations of characters gender, talents and personality and I have to say that overall I feel disappointed.

It seems odd as just last week I was saying:

“To avoid any confusion, I should clarify that there is a difference between I want more, and I expect more. I want more of Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age 2(Yeah I’m a Bioware fanboy)”

I can’t say why exactly, I have thought long and hard about it but I can’t quite put my finger onto a single flaw. It seems to be a lot of little things rather than one major gamebreaker.  It goes without saying that there are obvious improvements between DAO and Dragon Age 2 but I don’t intend to go into them as this isn’t a review so I can be as Biased as I want. So without further ramblings here are my

Top 10 reasons why I felt disappointed at Dragon Age 2.

  1. The story; the first game had a huge story about a once in a lifetime blight and ended with an epic rooftop battle with an Archdemon. If you beat the Archdemon it felt like an accomplishment. YOU and only you had saved the world from war and depending on how you played the game you could have sacrificed yourself for the greater good.  Dragon Age 2 couldn’t have a 2ndonce in a lifetime blight but the story they did go for just didn’t seem as heroic  a task as saving the world. There is definitely more of a story to tell but the game ends on a cliff hanger

  3. The timeline: Bioware hyped up the fact the Hawke became the champion of Kirkwall and this was his/her story of how they got there and that it would take place over a decade. Now that’s not quite true now is it Bioware? The story does take place over 10years but I feel Bioware pulled a Molyneux on it. They promised an adventure what you actually get is separate sections of a story that end with a fade to black and then oh you are now in the future. For example when you arrive in Kirkwall you need to side with a faction and work with them for a year in order to pay your way into the city. Sounds like you and your sibling are going to have some interesting stories to tell doesn’t it? Er no. You pick a side, fade to black and then year one is over. Why’d I even pick a faction if I don’t actually do anything for then until later in the game? The game lasts 10 years so the timeframe would have to jump from time to time to progress forward but there must have been a better way than  just jumping forward and having a codex entry to explained what happened in the last 3 years

  5. The male voice actor: It may just be me but once again I think that the male lead is no where near  as good as the female lead. A quick check on IMDB may shed some light on this. Jo Wyatt has experience doing voiceovers and game voiceovers in particular whereas Nicholas Boulton has more experience as an on screen actor: Boulton’s acting just seemed flat and sounded less like Hawke was a person and more like Hawke was a man reading a script or one without personality.

  7. The glitches: By now we have all seen the infinite cash and XP glitch and most have probably exploited it. I tried it on my 3rdplay through but as it seemed that enemies levelled at the same rate as you I found it made the game harder and I quickly went back to playing it normally. It isn’t really a game breaking glitch and due to how easy it is to do I wonder if it is a glitch or just a giant social experiment by Bioware. There is another glitch which really bugs me and is in need of an immediate fix and that is all of the achievements linked to the DLC aren’t awarded when achieved. I’m not sure if this is limited to the 360 or if trophies have the same problem. It seems that you can fix this by deleting and redownloading and replaying the Sebastian missions but it does seem a lttle sloppy

  9. Hawke: Hawke having a voice is a good idea and I’m really happy to have it, Hawke always being human and always having the same background (with the exception of which sibling stays with you) takes away some replay value. I played DAO several times to see how people react differently to you as an elf, dwarf or a noble. In Dragon Age 2 the only reactions I seem to get are about either being a mage or having a mage in my team.

  11. Costume changes: In DAO you could equip/remove armour from anyone in your party. In Dragon Age 2 you can’t. You can purchase upgrades but their costumes stay the same. Aveline does alter her costume over time and Merrill also changed costume if you start a realationship with her I am not sure if this happens with all companions though.  In one of the tips that show as the game loads it mentions that your companions will choose what to wear themselves. It makes sense they don’t need someone telling them what to wear but it seems they all wear the same clothes for the entire duration of the game with the above exceptions(please correct me if I am wrong) would you wear the same clothes for 10years? Even cosmetic changes after every fade to black would be better.

  13. Romance: It seems that almost every character is bisexual in Dragon Age 2, I don’t have a problem with that and couldn’t care less about the sexual orientation of anyone. My issue is with the romantic interactions (or lack thereof) the story takes place over 10years and in any play through there is a romantic moment once. Even if you invite your companion to live with you they are hardly ever there and have little or anything to say about you or your relationship. You’re companions may discuss it as you walk around Kirkwall and the surrounding areas but it never feels as real as your relationship with Leliana or Morrigan.

  15. Morrigan: Where the hell is Morrigan? I used a save where I killed the Archdemon but survived by giving Morrigan her demon child, yet she is only mentioned once by Flemeth. To be honest, I expected that Morrigan’s child would actually be Hawke especially after seeing the default female Hawke which looks a lot like Morrigan. I was pleasantly surprised they didn’t go with an obvious plot twist but really annoyed that she played no part in the story whatsoever. For that matter neither did Flemeth(DLC anyone?) The official guide actually hints of this when it talks about Morrigan

  17. Anders: Of all the characters to make the journey from DAO to Dragon Age 2 why’d it have to be Anders. I just didn’t like him as a character and left him out entirely in DAO and did the same in Dragon Age 2. What a waste of dialogue he isn’t likable as a person whether you agree with his cause or not. 

  19. The obvious set up to DLC: Is it just me or does it seem the game stops just before the really good part starts? I really really really hate cliffhangers or obvious set-ups. It’s cheap writing and should be thrown to the trashheap of writing clichés along with the “it was all a dream” and anything M. Knight Shyamalan writes. I hope Bioware release DLC sooner rather than later or announces the Dragon Age 2.5 or Dragon Age 3 very soon(and it better use more of Morrigan and/or Leliana)  

Criticing aside, I still thoroughly enjoyed the game. I played it every spare minute that I had and it is still a brilliant game but it could have been so much better. Combine the story of DAO with the graphics and control of 2 and it is almost perfect.

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  • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

    Haven’t played it yet but I heard a lot of these complaints from a friend of mine who played through. Great article!

  • Wait, you felt disappointed because it wasn’t the story you wanted? Well tough shit.
    I agree with most of the points you raise but they started getting rather ridiculous from 7 onwards.
    Every character is bisexual if you look at it as a game. There is romantic interaction for each gender player character and in each play-through characters are, with the exception of Isabela, straight or gay.
    Why does Morrigan need to be in this game? The Origins ending doesn’t say she’s going to Kirkwall, or anywhere near it. She’s off having her own adventures. Maybe Bioware will tell those stories, maybe they won’t. What they felt was important was Hawke’s story, particularly as the games are going chronologically through the Dragon Age.
    Anders is a dick, yes, but some people might like him, don’t write him off immediately as a waste of dialogue. Besides, he’s the only decent healer companion – which is a much better complaint.
    I didn’t see the ending as a DLC set-up. If it was a set-up at all it was a next game set-up. The point of Dragon Age 2 was to tell Hawke’s story within Kirkwall, which it did. It just happened to be being told to Seeker Cassandra who was working with Leiliana to try and undo whatever’s happened, giving us an insight into the next game. Keep in mind, these aren’t isolated stories, they’re all part of the history of Fereldan, as far as Bioware’s storytelling is concerned.

    • You know I put my reply before I read your response…What you said seems interesting…Filling in gaps in a backstory to provide background information to another game (a transition game), and I guess all the information was just to much for a DLC – that idea makes me feel better. Though I wouldn’t have minded just reading the “other story” just like I read the Prologe books to Dragon Age Origins (which were very good by the way). Well, Mike, thank you for giving me hope that Bioware knows what they are doing..I liked DAO so much, I didn’t want to think that they had ruined a franchise…you have great insight and I’m going to hold you to it! 🙂 – Have a good one!

    • EGOsumLEGIO666

      Alright, the game is by no means garbage, but the molyneaux reference is scarily dead on. How many of us wish those lionhead fucks would get back to the awesome-ness that was fable 1 but instead were met with an angering slap in the face re: fable 3, ultimately a vile regurgitation of the steaming dump fable 2 already took on the original property? Is dragon age 2 potentially headed toward a da3 of equal douche-baggery to fable 3? I pray to the one true cylon god that it doesn’t…but is the fable 2 type stink present? I’d have to say something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark, er sorry, Ferelden-Kirkwall, WHATEVER! This game actually was less epic than fable 2, but obviously had much better final boss battle, STILL—DAO was all net on all levels of actual importance & comparitively, this one’s suffering some erectile dysfunction. As for it simply being a less exciting chapter in what may overall remain a cool mythos, well…this ain’t history class, Mike! This is fucking entertainment, where we don’t have to dick around with the weaker years of the dragon age…codex the snoozer years & let’s get to the badass bits! As for relationships…I thought with bioware & their tendency to push envelopes, we might get something a bit more graphic & realistic, dare I say I even theorized potentially PG-13 nudity (apologies to the puritanical prudes in the audience)…but instead was met with interactions that were g-rated compared to DAO! those bioware bitches did the same with mass effect 2…ME1 HAD A WAY SEXIER CUT SCENE! WEAK! So what’s up with that? With games like god of war 3 & heavy rain showing us that sex can intermingle with gaming, why can’t everyone just get over it & let publishers bring forth the flesh feast? Bioware is like some teasing little Christian girl flashing her panties at u in church only to blue-ball you with her abstinence pledge afterwards! Ok ok…now onto my biggest comment, which regards MORRIGAN. First off, let me say that if you got a problem with my girl, SCREW YOU! Not only is M one of the naughtiest most aesthetically pleasing game girls of all time, Claudia Black delivers one of the all time best voices for her too! LOVE HER OR HATE HER, IF YOU ARE GONNA HAVE US TOUCH BASE WITH WANKERS LIKE ZEVRAN & USE THE KITTEN MOLESTER AS A MAIN CHARACTER, YOU CAN GIVE US AT LEAST A TINY LITTLE TASTE OF SWEET SWEET MORRIGAN! Hell, I think she deserves to star in her own franchise! So, no matter how you slice it, she should have at least popped into the story on some level or had her later entry set up somehow. My girl was a huge part of DAO, and she’s raising a potentially arch-demon tainted old god…I don’t know about Mikey, but I think most
      of us would agree that’s some landmark shit going on there! I mean, leaving Morrigan out of da2 is like when the fucking X-files would just conveniently forget about the impending alien colonization storyline in favor of gallons of excess filler fluff! So in conclusion, pray bioware doesn’t get a scorching case of Molyneaux-itis, lets get some sexy-time up in here, & anyone who disses Morrigan & doesn’t believe her part is necessary as hell to the overall coolness of this franchise, can go suck a fuck. ROCK ON DRAGON AGE…PUSH BOUNDARIES, DONT PUSS OUT! & if I’ve offended any delicate sensibilities out there, TOUGHEN UP, BITCHES!

  • I hate that I have to do this but I agree with you 100%. I feel like I was betrayed by Bioware… I have never felt more dissappointment in a game as I did with DA2. DA:Origins had it all. I found myself being swept up into the adventure from the beinging…DAO had a main goal and the side quests just added more to the adventure…DA2 had side quests that were the adventure…I felt like I was playing Fable…it became tedious and boring…DAO I loved the interaction between the characters, the banter, the romance options it felt like family…When that game ended I was so sad (I know I need a life!) Playing DA2 I couldn’t wait for the game to end..the love options sucked. I never felt close to any of my characters, materfact there were a couple that I wouldn’t have minded strangling…the banter wasn’t half as funny as the original. If they plan on releasing DLCs maybe they should have given us a game that we wouldn’t mind paying the extra money for. (I purchased almost every DLC for DAO). Overall, I felt like they tried to fix something that wasn’t broke…instead of enhancing an already excellent formula they took from it..This last year of eagerly waiting the sequel was in fact in vain..maybe next time Bioware….

  • Overall, I have enjoyed playing DA2. The plot has its strong points: the way things go up for Hawke, and then, when everything seems to be good, you have the tension and buildup for everything breaking apart: you come with the best intentions, and there’s just nothing you can do about it. It’s not a happy ending, but not every story should have one. True, there’s no main goal. But a refugee doesn’t come to a city with a big goal. He just wants to survive. And the events just land on him. But there are many things I did not like:

    1. The game has hardly any replayability value. DAO had the different origins, which affected everything through the game. It also offered you different choices: you could take / not take Logain, you could side with different fractions in Orzamar, the Circle and the elves. You had many other choices to make, and these choices had a big effect on the game. In DA2, that’s just not so. Hawke is always the same, and the choices you make don’t change anything: you still have to fight the Qunari, still must face Meredith, you lose Bettany at the end of year 1 one way or another (circle / death / warden), etc. The choices only affect dialogue.

    2. One of the things I most enjoyed in DAO were the conversations with the companions. For one thing, you had so many of those. For another, you could initiate them anywhere. Sometimes what they said if you initiated a conversation was related to the location (for example, you could ask Liliana what she knew about the current location). Every major event was followed by special conversations with some of the companions. And sometimes they started a conversation with you. Here you can talk with a companion once or twice each year, which is not enough at all, and you have to go to their home to talk to them even if they’re standing right beside you, which makes no sense at all.

    3. I feel the battles in DAO were more varied, more interesting. I’m not talking about difficult here – that’s up to each player. But in DAO you could use your surroundings: in the Tower of Ishal, for example, you had the passage with the catapults, and the room with the dogs. In Redcliffe, you could hardly survive without making good use of the locals, and quite a few things afterwards depended on who of the citizen survived. None of this in DA2. And what’s more, in DA2, only rogues can use bows, so the wonderful tricks of having the whole party shoot one enemy, until he dies before reaching the party, are no more.

    4. The map. The toggling between day and night is a good touch. But the map itself could have been drawn better. Much worse, all the caves are the same cave. All the alleys are the same alley. All the houses are the same house. That’s boring.

    5. The equipment. Each year, you basically have one armor set that is the best you can wear, and that’s all. No other sets, just bits that are worse than the set bonus you get. That’s not interesting. And there’s no point to spend money on equipment for this reason, so I ended up only using the money for buying gifts. While in DAO you had a wide variety of things to wear, you were saving up for something, thinking carefully of what you want to buy. Also, the way all the equipment looks the same is boring. Especially the junk stuff. I want to find diamonds, wolf skins, and other things that feel real, not something that automatically gets labeled as “random junk”.

    6. The plot. Generally, I like it. But it feels a bit like a sketch. I would have liked some more detail, some more elaboration, some more buildup for every event. For example, Isabella’s relic just appears all of a sudden, turns out to be what the Qunari wanted all along, and then there’s nothing you can do to prevent the fight anyway.

    7. DAO characters. Liliana – fine. She’s not doing what the ending of DAO said she was doing, but whatever. Zevran – he did intend to stay with the Warden in my version, and in others he returns to Antiva, for example, but I’m prepared to accept him being followed by the Crows at this stage. But what’s he doing in the battle against Meredith all of a sudden? Alistair – now that’s just disgusting. he has no justification for his appearance whatsoever. He’s just there to say “swooping is bad”. And he’s drawn badly, compared to how well he looked in DAO. Bodahn and Sandal – why are they in Kirkwall? Why on earth do they decide to take residence in the Champion’s house? What I’m saying is, why stick all of them here at all? Or if you do insert them, it should feel logical, justified. And finally, Anders. I actually liked him in DAO. He was amusing. Here, he’s not. Even Varric says he’s not fun anymore. It feels like he’s suffering from a deteriorating mental illness (which you could say is kind of true). So, on the one had, he’s no longer amusing. On the other, there isn’t enough conversation and interaction to give him any depth, when he, of all characters, could have had depth. And the way EA got rid of Ser Pounce-a-lot is downright stupid. Would it have hurt them so much to draw the guy his kitten? Or at least give it’s disappearance some proper explanation? I mean, think about it – if the Warden Commander gives a fellow Warden a kitten, who has the authority to make said Warden leave the kitten behind?

    Now about Anders as a character, I still haven’t decided how I feel about him. On the face of it, he’s a terrorist, plain and simple. He also suffers from an obsession. But he manages to be likeable. So on the one hand, i wish EA would have given him more depth, would have used his potential better. On the other hand, I don’t like the idea of a guy who explodes a religious building, with all the innocents inside, for a political goal, being likeable. I don’t like such a guy appearing in a game at all. It’s a subject far too serious to play with.

    • Nonagin

      Well, on the subject of the DAO character’s appearance…


      Leliana – By the time she appears the decade is almost up and, as explained in the end cutscene, the Warden has probably already gone missing. So Leliana joined the Seekers regardless of what she was doing before to search for the Warden, presumably whatever your epilogue said she was doing.


      • Nonagin

        Posted before I was done accidentally

        Alistair – What more can you want? If you had him as a wandering drunk he drunkenly wandered to Kirkwall. If you had him as king, as I did, he made an official regal visit. It made sense.

        Bodahn and Sandal – Bodahn’s been a traveling merchant from the start. He found his way to Kirkwall and attached himself to Bartrand’s expedition, where Hawke found Sandal for him, so he pledged to work for Hawke in exchange for helping Sandal, not that he needed it but I don’t think Bodahn was really aware of the kind of things Sandal is capable of, which he did.

        Anders – Yes, it would have been hard for them to make a fully functioning kitten model. That kind of thing isn’t as easy as you might think and frankly they had a limited timeframe as it was and much more important things to deal with. I actually found Anders likable, if a little extreme, until he blew up the chantry, which is why I killed him in all but one playthrough.

        • Nonagin

          Oh, and same thing goes for Zevran as Leliana

  • Played it through as each class and absolutely loved it…

    Fair enough the stories shorter than the first one but doesn’t feel to me any less epic than the first and the cliff hanger ending excites me because it means more chance of yet another great title.

    Everyone seems to have different opinions on it which I respect, me personally, I couldn’t have been more satisfied, even after listening to a bunch of bad reviews I still gave it a try and am damn glad I did, onto the DLC content.

  • Hey i dont know about the your other points but i will agree on your 2nd point: –

    i know perceptions may differ but i liked the game not to mention the developments from DAO to DA2.
    the events of DA2 really shocked me and i was really getting into the game but the ending really spoiled it all if the ending would have been a descent 1 it would have been a great hit.

  • Ok, I concur on almost every point you made but you left out something that was somewhat important. Near the end of the game, which comes too quick; you are summoned by the king who was one of the main characters in DOA. He sails across an ocean with his uncle just to tell you to protect the city? Like you weren’t already doing it in every other mission? What an utterly useless attempt to connect DAO to DA2. He doesn’t even give you good loot or anything. It is an utter waste of time and has no relevant part in the story at all. And I don’t know about anyone else but I spent a total of 72 min in the deep roads and that’s because I dragged my ass. This is a huge part of the story that is fun and it’s extremely short. There is also a very low level of loot that drops off of mobs but I’m probably spoiled by other games like Diablo. I have also played through the game 3 times and found that the choice of armor is very low. There are only three sets of possible armor for each class and the chances are you will only get one full set besides the champion set which is given to you from the main quest line. The amount of cool weapons is scarce and you only get the good runes at the very end. There is also no weapon effect from runes that is visible. In DAO your weapons glowed in DA2 that isn’t the case. On another note the addition of kung fu moves from a rouge like play style looks cool and makes the rouge character more interesting to play.

  • I thought it was awesome to be perfectly awesome. But yeah Cliffhangers thats where a expansion pack will come in, maybe explain what happens after the champion leaves Kirkwall. Maybe Hawke meeting the warden after all they both disapear. I don’t get why morrigan has to be in DA2. Dragon age dosent work as a sequel unlike mass effect. Dragon age takes the story of one and tell how he/she changed the world. On future note though i think Dragon age 3 will be in Orlais or Teveinter. Reasons why is that war is coming between the Templars and the mages. Orlais because thats the capital of the chantry, or tevinter because all mages there are free. I personally can’t wait for DA3 but i enjoy Dragon Age but hopes that the next game will allow us to return as a character of a Elf or a Dwarf.

  • Anders – DAA not DAO.
    Morrigan – The game was based at roughly the same time period as origins thus making hawke morrigans child impossible.
    Morrigan2 – Also equally as impossible for her to show up in the game as she vanished and then went into the mirror or died in the dlc.
    Flemeth – Was in the game twice.
    Story – This was advertised as someone fleeing the blight (true) then becoming the kirkwall champion (true again) so where did you expect an archdemon to come into this?
    Timeline – The game was made just over a year later (with making DLC) so if the few years they did not include and the game was released jan 2012 would you complain? Yes. Keep em coming asap.
    Voice – Male > Female voice actor.
    Costumer changes – Really? how pedantic.
    DLC – You get SOOO much value for your money with this game, seriously compare it to AC or Fable. People STILL moan that bioware dont want to make an 100 hour game that tells the full story for £40 ($??). They make more money on DLC if your a fan of the series you buy it if your not then dont simple. Moaning about dlc winds me up because when compared to competitors bioware > anyone else for value for money.

    I think you need to play the game some more because this article is embarrasing.

    • Wat



  • I actually agree with a lot of your points. I a a true Dragon Age fan. I have the books, comics, clothes, DLC etc. I was very excited about DA2 and now I am ultimately disappointed. I don’t feel like I’m the hero… I feel like an errand girl. I feel no connection in my actions. I get that they didn’t want to tell one story with a hero and a main villain to conquer, but maybe they should have. Not doing that really leaves it feeling disjointed.

    That being said, I, like you, play this game every chance I get. It’s as addicting as mining in ME2 lol!

    • That’s it!!….I said side quests that took you round and round in circles…but errand girl – that is the perfect description, Sarah!

  • Like I said Mike, this was just my thoughts. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and am on my 3rd and already planning a 4th play through to get some of those achievements. I could easily compose a list of 10, 20 or 30 good points about the game but I still feel a little disappointed after completing the game. Granted some points may be a little pedantic but they are my opinions and I didn’t claim them to be anything other than that. This is why it was posted under my Gaming Confessions series rather than a review on its own.

    As for Morrigan, it is assumed that you gave her the demonlord baby she wanted and she is raising it somewhere (this is an option for backstory when you start a new game). The initial time frame is at the same time at the Blight however no one knows what happens when you step through the mirror (aluvian?) In a realm with magic/demons/undead armies and spirits surely a little time travel isn’t that far fetched? It is also hinted in the strategy guide that this is a story yet to be told.

    As for Flemeth she was in the story twice and on both occasions hinted at a bigger event – “I had an appointment to keep” I was disappointed that the bigger event involving Flemeth who potentially is/was a bigger threat than the darkspawn never occurred.

    I never said that I wanted to fight another Archdemon; I just mentioned that as a comparison the journey to the end didn’t seem as epic. In DAO you have one task from the start and everything you do is building to one final confrontation against the Archdemon. In DA2 you have 3 smaller tasks which have their own start and end points and while the Mages/templar story does run through the 3main chapters it doesn’t really compare to the overall feel of the task from DAO. The events at the end of DA2 did start to show promise but it stopped just as all hell broke loose.

    This is entirely personal but I cannot stand prequels and essentially this entire game is a prequel to Hawke’s story. You know the outcome albeit not all the details day one the rest of your time is spent revealing the story of how it happened. It also diminishes your accomplishment as it is all predetermined. You cannot avoid being champion unless you get a game over screen. In DAO, you made the decision to die or to send Loghain to his death, or you could agree to Morrigans request and no one died.

    I also never complained about not getting value for money, I have played several times each with multiple hours of game play. I eagerly wait for the next chunk of game and will download it on day one. However that doesn’t change what I feel which is I don’t think had a satisfactory ending (story wise), everything in the game is what HAS happened. I would have been happier seeing the aftermath of the final battle but you don’t get that. As with every other act in the game it’s fade to black and a little exposition.

    The male VO vs Female VO is a moot point you liked him I didn’t. Neither of us will be able to convince the other on this.

    Costume changes, it may be pedantic but it was a missed opportunity, why not have this as an option when a game lasts 10years. To be honest I’d really love a costume designer or a way like in DCUniverse Online where you can pick armour for its stats then change the outward appearance of it. Again just my opinion

    The DLC is an argument for another day; there are pros and cons for DLC. I’ll leave it with I look forward to DLC when it adds extra to the story. I avoid it if it is required to finish a story.

    All of my comments are my opinions, I can’t stress this enough they are opinions not fact. We have different opinions and I respect that so I’m not going to argue about them. I don’t think DA2 is a bad game far from it, I enjoyed it and I’m sorry if you didn’t get that impression.

    I will take your suggestion and play more but because I want to, not because you disagree with me.

  • Most of your gripes are ones I have as well. The tech glitches were passed from the 1st game w/no attempt to rectify any. The loot system is still all over the place (from get while enemy dies to leave the area and come back); the cache pollutes, and EA’s advice is stupid (delete the game and start over); there is an edge detection fault on the Arishok where he can shove you into a balcony with impale, and you cannot get down; texture maps corrupt and you get ivory-clad versions of mages and Qunari; plot screw-ups where a mage is seen talking to another mage, yet the 2nd mage later states he just met up with the other recently.

    And I hate, hate, hate Anders. Bad voice acting, and bad change to personality.

    Overall I liked it, but Bioware has some inadequate technical and QA staff.