Indie Spotlight: ‘Oozi: Earth Adventure Episode 1’

The team over at AwesomeGamesStudios (Just Another Zombie Defense) has released a brand new indie game today called Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 1. This 2D platformer tells the story of a suit-less martian who has crash landed on Earth and must traverse through different lands to find his way back home. The game boasts beautifully hand drawn art with modern visuals, and will feature four unique worlds for the player to explore. Along with Story Mode, Oozi also comes equipped with a Challenge Mode and Arcade Mode, making it enjoyable for all types of gamers. Judging by my personal experience alone, I can firmly assure that the indie studio has far exceeded expectations.

AwesomeGamesStudios may be under selling themselves by pricing this delectable game at 80 MS, but that’s just one more reason why you shouldn’t miss out.  The company will be releasing three more episodes of Oozi: Earth Adventure on Xbox Live’s Indie channel (also 80 MS each) as well as on various PC distribution platforms once the entire series is complete.

I’ve provided the developer’s official announcement trailer and handful of screenshots to tame your curiosity. But take my advice: any fan of 2D platformers should not pass this impressive game up.

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