League of Legends: Lee Sin The Blind Monk Character Spotlight

Riot Games, the developer behind the Warcraft III DoTA inspired League of Legends just released new content regarding their latest character, Lee Sin, who is a blind monk.

Lee Sin seems like a pretty unique character, as his blindness literally blurs the player’s screen and makes him immune to blinding spells such as Timo’s blinding dart and Nocturne’s Paranoia. He seems to be an all around great character, and certainty has the capacity to be one of the most competent champions in the game if used properly. Here’s a video explaining some of his abilities:

As they generally do, Riot Games also released an art video showing off the creation of their characters. The Lee Sin design is particularly elaborate, equipped with a rippling six-pack, silk blindfold and manly goatee. You can take a look at that below

Personally, I’ll stick with my big three, Jax, Zilean, and Allistar, and wait until Lee Sin becomes a free-to-play character to try him out, but that’s just me. The regular release of new characters is really a great marketing strategy for Riot Games and is likely generating them some great revenue from this free-to-play title. If only they’d release some news maps..

For more information on Lee Sin, you can take a look at the official League of Legends wiki page for Lee Sin.

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