Treyarch Already Working On Call Of Duty 9?

As spotted by eagle-eyed people at Gamerzines it appears that Treyarch are now looking to hire some new talent for their anticipated 2012 follow-up to last year’s hugely successful Black Ops.

Positions advertised include “Gameplay Combat Designer” and who will amongst other things “manage the game’s core rule systems (such as health and damage feedback) from top to bottom.  Identify all the edge cases where core rules could be broken and propose solutions,”

Treyarch also go into more detail regarding the gameplay combat designer position with the following information:  [The ideal candidate] “will design, develop, and tune game mechanics and features, largely in the area of combat systems (such as weapons and attachments) and gameplay mechanics (such as Perks and spawning),” reads the website.

As Treyarch themselves have pointed out, they are “100-per-cent Call of Duty studio” so it is no real surprise they are already working on the next game.  And it is good to see that they aren’t resting on their laurels and bring in some fresh ideas.

via Gamerzines

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  • I think they need to hurry up and release details on Modern Warfare 3. Hopefully we get a trailer and this game is TONS better than the crap they put out called Black Ops. I read this interesting article on a Modern Warfare 3 fan site and they were talking about if MW3 can remain the top FPS. I think it’s possible, I always enjoyed the Modern Warfare 3 titles as they seem to have better gameplay as compared to the “Call of Duty” titles. The franchise has taken a huge step back with the previous two games released, and I think with the competition stepping up that Activision will make sure this is a great game. They also said the game will be out on November 11, which is interesting.