Platform Nation’s “A Simple Question”: Sex And Violence

Today’s question is as old as gaming itself.  As a civilized society, it’s important to ensure our children are protected from more mature concepts until they’re ready.  Game ratings have been developed to help parents in deciding what material is appropriate for their child (whether the parent actually leverages this information is another question entirely).    The question I pose isn’t whether one is OK and one isn’t; we all can agree that exposure to violence or adult content in video games is not appropriate for kids of a certain age.  The question is:

What is MORE inappropriate in a video game for someone under 17 to experience: nudity and adult situations, or violence and gore?

I posed this question on twitter (and facebook) this week, and got several responses (many wanted to elaborate, but in the end, the question comes down to one thought – which do you think is worse).  My personal opinion is that violence and gore, while seemingly everywhere you look from movies to TV to the news is still something I feel is more inappropriate than nudity and adult situations in video games.  I will elaborate more in comments if a debate unfolds.  As always, the simple answer is above, feel free to elaborate as well with a comment, or yell it out in #PNASQ on Twitter.

Some community responses this week included:

@Tanglebonitis: I’d say that the violence is probably more objectionable to me, but the worst I’ve seen in games rarely matches TV #PNASQ

@bobkeith: violence hands down #PNASQ

@Ind1fference: fair enough, my answer is nudity and adult situations #PNASQ

Mark W.: Nudity and adult situation, as the violence and gore are usually over the top and the kids won’t find themselves in situations where they would need to use said violence. Nudity, well they can find that everyday…

Jenn K.: Violence. The nudity and sex is at least something that occurs naturally in life.

David Z: violence is worse, just based on growing up during the game evolution and that kids are more likely to re-enact violence than anything having to do with nudity/sex that they already havent watched on Skins/Jersey Shore/other mindless dribble.

Thanks to everyone here, and all the others that contributed this week.

A Simple Question (ASQ) is a weekly segment for Platform Nation.  Each week on Monday,  I’ll  ask a question on Twitter at #PNASQ. Give a response and let the world know what you think; there is no right or wrong answer here. If you have a suggestion for a question, hit me up on twitter @vttym.

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