UK Retailer Game Fights Dirty

Eurogamer is reporting the UK retailer GAME has been fighting rather dirty in the war to sell the most Nintendo 3DS consoles.  In a memo posted on the site GAME staff are told that they are allowed (read: encouraged) to purchase new 3DS consoles from rival retailer Tesco.

Staff are then to sell these in their own stores at FULL price but pre-owned.  One line quoted from the memo explains this: “[sell at] the same price as mint due to expected supply shortage”.  Eurogamer points out that GAME were retailing the 3DS for £219.99 but Tesco were going as low as £175 when bought with a game.  That’s a decent saving in anyone’s book., and obviously GAME’s book too except they were willing to stop genuine buyers from getting the console from Tesco and instead keeping as many consoles for selling from their own stores.

A GAME spokesperson told Eurogamer: “Some of our stores wanted to move quickly last weekend to build their pre-owned stocks of 3DS at the same time as their local competitors, so we gave them a process to do that.

I for one am not impressed with this sort of behaviour.  I personally think GAME are over priced in the first place but they make their money from the less informed general public.  While the document advises that buying stock from Tesco is a non-mandatory “mission”, one GAME staff member told Eurogamer the store he works at was reprimanded for not taking part.

The most worrying thing for me is how long have GAME been pulling this sort of stunt?

via Eurogamer


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