Wonder Woman In Action

Looks like we have a visual of the new Wonder Woman in action.  Adrianne Palicki is sporting what looks like a Wonder Woman costume in this action sequence for the upcoming Wonder Woman TV series.  Now to be sensitive I don’t think I was expecting the scantly clad Wonder Woman to hit TV, but I was hoping for a better costume at least.  Here is a YouTube video for you to checkout and let us know is this costume something you would have expected?

Now let’s hope they don’t mess with Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.

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  • Lynda Carter at 59 is a better Wonder Woman than whatever the hell this is

  • STILL AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL! I am not going to bother even tuning in! I do not understand what in hell is so difficult about getting it right? And these people are paid millions? Aren’t things supposed to improve with time? Do they call this an improvement? Candy apple red, Lilly white and royal blue, star-spangled leotard. NOT NAVY JEANS, DULL RED AND TARNISHED BRASS. She needs thick lustrious black hair, not stringy! Also, Wonder Woman wears heels, not flats! FAILURE! They still think they know whats better than the WW fans! Seems to be the trend in this country right now. Cram what people don’t want down their throats. This will result in failure.