April Filled With Fools

When April Fool’s rolls around gamers need to tread lightly and take everything they read with a grain of salt. News sites and companies alike have been known to play tricks on the unsuspecting victim. Stories range from convincing articles with facts and graphics and quotes to back up the believable piece but one word or sentence points out that it is fake. Stories can also be complete fabrications of the truth ones that if were true would almost be to the point of crazy. Being the brunt of these April Fool’s jokes can be a harsh reality for gamers and their fragile emotions imagine your favorite game was reported to be cancelled. So as you read the news late tonight and all day tomorrow you must play detective just to make sure you are not being duped.

Roaming around the net was where I bagged my first story of a funny joke. (If only we could really enjoy a jet ride.) What would be a sweet marketing campaign how about the purchase of a MiG-21Bis? Marketing and promotion has been known to take on some crazy stunts, this one would be taking the marketing to new heights. Imagine a jet fighter flying over E3 dropping leaflets of information out about upcoming Namco games.

Here are some of the quotes:

Namco Bandai says the The MiG-21Bis will be for marketing and PR promotions, primarily to deliver preview code to press, take journalists on experiential jet-fighter experiences and to scare local publishing rivals, Capcom.

“Namco Bandai UK are tired of just normal, boring marketing and standard PR stunts,” said trendsetting marketing director, Lee Kirton.

Even better the Mig’s were purchased from Estovakian Air Force which is the nation found inside the Ace Combat universe. Be warned gamers tread lightly as you read your news and drink your coffee this morning April 1st comes but once a year.

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