Mega Man Universe Cancelled

Remember that hyped up Mega Man game that was supposed to allow players to share created Mega Men levels on the XBLA and PSN?

Even wacky levels like this

Well, you might as well burn the concept out of your brain, because the game has been cancelled this morning by Capcom. Capcom didn’t give a real reason for the cancellation, citing “various circumstances,” as an apparently plausible concern on their Japanese website.

I’m sure the cancellation has a lot to do with the recent departure of Keiji Inafune, who is known for his vital work on Megaman, as well as for producing Okami and Dead Rising. This is purely speculation, but it would make sense that his role in the game was too instrumental to replace, and that his departure from Capcom is what largely led to the cancellation.

I couldn’t really see this game doing well though, it’s pretty much a lesser version of Little Big Planet with less features and customization options and while it would be fun for novelty purposes, I couldn’t really see the appeal lasting too long.

Some people seem to be pretty upset though, as reflected in YouTube user nicotujh’s melodramatic comment:

My world just got thrown into the trashcan

If you haven’t seen what the game would have looked like in action, take a look at this gameplay video below.

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