Xbox LIVE Rewards Gamer IQ Trivia Challenge

Looking to test your knowledge of Call of Duty, Gears of War or Halo? Well look no further as Xbox LIVE Rewards Squad is offering a contest that you can enter everyday until May 15, 2011. I have entered twice already and the questions were the same exact questions each time. Also don’t think just because you are not a huge fan of the games listed that you will not be able to answer the questions as they have made the questions easy so far.

Think you know everything there is to know about your favorite Xbox LIVE games? It’s time to find out. Click here to play the Xbox LIVE Rewards Gamer IQ Trivia challenge and see how you stack up.

You could win the 10,000 Microsoft Points Grand Prize, weekly 4,000 Microsoft Points prizes, and instant prizes up to 1,000 Microsoft Points.

This is an exclusive Xbox LIVE Rewards opportunity, so don’t miss out. Log in daily through May 15, 2011 for the best chance to win.

Good luck,

Xbox LIVE Rewards Squad

Be sure to let us know if you win!

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  • I won 800 msp

  • That is awesome! I have played everyday nothing yet for me.

  • i played this everyday and probably averaged 2 or 3 correct answers each time.  I never won anything though.