iPhone 5 Release Date?

There has been a ton of information swirling around the Internet this weekend, and April Fools’ Day has certainly not helped. The newest rumor states that the iPhone 5 is slated to release on June 26, roughly three months from now.

The iPhone 4 was released on June 24, 2010, making the release dates almost exactly one year apart. I still use a 3GS and have no plans to upgrade to a 4; could the next generation really be enough to convert 3G/3GS users like me?

As far as the June 2011 release date goes, I don’t have much faith. There hasn’t been much to say regarding specs, except some more rumors involving an 8 megapixel camera.

The iPad 2 was also recently released, less than a month ago. That would make two major product releases in approximately four months, a gigantic feat previously accomplished last year when the iPad was released in April 2010.

I’m not saying the June 2011 release date is impossibility, but how much longer can Apple sustain this breakneck pace of hardware releases?

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  • u actually think its going to be released on the 26th? Last i checked, the 26th fell on a sunday..

    • jkj

      > It’s good to note however that Apple launched the first
      > iPhone using EDGE technology when 3G was the leading tech

      So everything anyone does in 2007, they must repeat it in 2011????

      2007 was a hundred years ago. Stop living in the past.

  • I have heard its going to be released in september

  • Randy

    Why would Apple release a product on Sunday June 26. Does not make sense.