Final Fantasy V Coming To PSN

We’ve seen Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX come to the PSN in the past couple of years and now, in the near future, we will be seeing Final Fantasy V come to the PSN as well. Here’s the thing though, so far we haven’t heard anything about it coming to the North American PSN, but we do know it’s come to the European PSN. When is this you ask? Well we have no idea, yet. There is a fair chance that it will be coming within the year since it’s pretty unusual for a PSN PlayStation One classic to be announced a year or more ahead of time.

Final Fantasy V was released on the PS about a decade or so ago as a part of Final Fantasy Anthology. If I remember correctly the translation of that game wasn’t that good and alot of people, that I know of at least, ended up not playing it. There was GBA port about five years ago and the translation was much better, but unfortunately I feel that not alot of people got the chance to play it. So for the sake of people in NA and Europe I hope that the game is not just a straight port from the PS title and they try to fix a couple of things. Unfortunately that might be too much to ask.

Final Fantasy V is a great title in the series and I don’t think alot of people outside of Japan know that. Here’s to hoping that when it shows up on the PSN it finally receives the recognition it deserves.

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