Banhammer Target Practice

Question, what would you do if you have been banned upwards of 30 times from Xbox live or any other service?

Answer for me and most other people with common sense; stop doing what you did to get banned in the first place. Sadly common sense is one of the things that seems to be missing from the rather loud minority on the internet.

Step in (I was going to put his name here but he doesn’t deserve the coverage) a man who allegedly has been banned from Xbox live at least 35 times decided to get some revenge.  At this stage he is sounding pretty stupid but it gets better, his target was none other than Stephen Toulouse. Stephen Toulouse is the man who is in charge of Xbox live enforcement.  This person managed to temporarily take control of Stephen Toulouse gamertag as well as his personal blog. The attack was short lived and Stephen Toulouse quickly regained control.

Personally I hope they issue a permaban on his IP address preventing him from playing on Xbox live again in the near future. No one can get banned 35 times simply due to a simple misunderstanding of the policy. I would actually say that to get banned that number of times he has deliberately ignored the policy. At best he has abusive profile information at worst he is a cheater trying to get an unfair advantage against other players. Neither of these reflects kindly on him. 

What do you think? Do you agree with his actions? Would you have done the same or something different?

 Via : CVG, Ripten

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  • Permaban his IP, sue him for all that his mommy and daddy got, AND alert every game store and rental place within a 100 miles that he is no longer allowed to purchase MS products! Kinda like the “dont accept checks from this man” posters of old (Im looking at you al bundy).

    Spoiled brats like this kid ruin the online experience for everyone. To top it off, he brags about stealing xbox live accounts for money! Not just Stepto, but anybody! This kid is a serious d-bag and needs to be made an example of. Im sure a small amount of investigating will show whose accounts he has hijacked prior, and result in some form of legal liability. Thankfully, he is in the minority, as the PSN and xbox live communities are filled,in fact absolutely bursting with cool people and great times. With the exception of a few cheating, lying, spoiled little sh*ts like this kid.