GamersGate Offers Lots Of RPGs With A Small “Recettear”

Did you ever wonder what went on in the lives of the guys who ran the item shops in RPGs? Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale focused on that aspect of RPG living. GamersGate, a digital distribution website, has this game (and others) on sale in a major JRPG sale, with discounts up to 60%. If you’re looking at grinding with some grindfests, this is a good chance.

To be honest, Recettear is the only title I’ve heard of. I bought it when Steam had it on sale, but thanks to it not being playable on Mac OS X, it sits in my account. 17 titles are in the sale, and nothing jumps out at me other than Recettear, but there might be a hidden gem. Looking at getting something?

Via GamersGate.

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