Get Mass Effect 2 For FREE!




BioWare have announced that Dragon Age 2 has sold 1 million copies in the 2 weeks since it’s release

As a celebration and a thank you to their fans BioWare are giving everyone who purchased Dragon Age 2 a free copy of Mass Effect 2 on the PC.

To get this free game you need to:

1. Sign into the EA servers via the Dragon Age 2 game and activate the online pass(The Black Emporium) this code came free with new copies of the game, if you bought Dragon Age 2 pre-owned then you will need to purchase the add-on to qualify for the deal

2. Goto:

3. Sign in with your EA ID, make sure the ID is linked to whatever system you play Dragon Age 2 on

4. Enter the same code you have for the Black Emporium

5. Copy the new download code from the website

6.  Either download the EA Download Manger or open it if you have it pre-installed

7. Sign in to your account

8. Redeem the code

9. Enjoy Mass Effect 2 for Free!

Some cynics may say that it is an empty gesture as “fans” will already have the game, but remember you get  a PC copy of Mass Effect 2 regardless of what platform you play Dragon Age 2 on.

If you haven’t bought Dragon Age 2 yet(shame on you) but don’t worry you have until the end of April to buy Dragon Age 2 and get Mass Effect 2 for free.

This is the 2nd time that BioWare rewarded their fans, as earlier this year they automatically upgraded certain pre-orders of Dragon Age 2 to the signature edition at no extra cost.


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  • Downloading my free copy right now. I am not a fan of Mass Effect but let’s face it free is free!

  • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

    It really doesn’t cost them much to do this if it’s a digital copy, but will it really sell more copies of Dragon Age 2? Not that there’s anything wrong with marketing like this, but really, at this point, everyone who was going to purchase Mass Effect 2 already has so it’s not like they’re losing much money on this.