Moon Diver Review (PSN)

Game Review: Moon Diver
Release: March 29, 2011 (PSN), TBD (XBLA)
Genre: Action
Developer: feelplus inc.
Available Platforms: PSN, XBLA
Players: 1-4 (coop multiplayer)
MSRP: $14.99
ESRB Rating: E10+

Moon Diver is 2D side-scrolling action game set in some crazy future that’s pretty bleak. And it looks bleak because an “evil power” has brought inanimate objects to life. The only hope for what’s left of humanity are these ninjas called Moondivers. I have to say here that Square Enix published this, that being said this crazy setting doesn’t seem like it was created by an escaped psych ward patient. Also, don’t expect to learn this right away unless you read the description of the game on the PSN.

This game has both simple and slightly less simple gameplay components. But first off I have to mention, there are four playable characters, which seems unnecessary to me. The only difference between them all is how their stats start off. Now onto the simple part of the gameplay, you run, jump, dodge, and constantly mash one button to attack. That’s seriously half the gameplay and it doesn’t have the hack and slash charm to it.

The other part of the gameplay are the magic attacks otherwise known as MC techniques. Now before anyone asks, I believe they are just called MC techniques and that the MC doesn’t stand for anything. I searched a bit (about a minute) and found nothing, so I’ll just assume it means that they’re techniques that only MCs of the Hammer variety can use. First thing’s first, you can only have four MC techniques equipped at a time, at first you might find that it limits you a lot, but that’s actually a good thing. Having anymore than four MC techniques equipped at a time would pretty much make your character god-like.

Each character starts out with a different MC technique, which I want to say is pointless, but I know there are people out there who will start playing this game with other people and assuming they all choose different characters, the variety will be good. Now the variety between all the MC techniques is pretty good, I was surprised in fact I thought it might be some random magic system they had to tack onto the game, but the techniques most certainly are not. For instance there are times where it’s wise to use a certain MC technique to freeze these enemies that are just lasers to stop the impending doom that would happen if they struck you. Unfortunately there are slightly less MC techniques than you think there are because each technique has four levels to it and when you choose your techniques each level of a technique shows up as a different technique.

Another part to the game is the customization of each character’s stats. The game lets you customize whether you want to improve a character’s HP, MP, or power. And although each character either favors one stat or balances all their stats when you start out with one of them, if you want a character with only good MP and just keep improving that then you can just choose to play with the character that favors the MP stat.

There is a multiplayer component to this game as I have briefly mentioned earlier in my review. The multiplayer is coop only, so, sorry for you fans of competitive multiplayer, but I like that it at least has coop. The coop is both local and online, I can’t tell which is better since I didn’t have a chance to play it locally, but online, playing with random people without headsets, is pretty fun. In fact playing with other people is the way you should definitely play this game, I’m not saying you can’t play it by yourself if you really want to, but you’ll have a better time playing with others.

When I was first playing this game I thought I would have tons of bad things to say about this, but now that I look back I see there are few things wrong with the game itself. The game can get pretty repetitive, but then again if like this style of game you’re probably either used to it or fine with it. Another complaint I kind of have but don’t really is that the game is $14.99. If you know that you won’t want to get invested into this game then that is a fairly heavy price to pay, if you just want to play it for a bit with no intent to play with the other characters or constantly coop with others then you should most definitely wait for a price drop. But if you’re like me and have fallen for this game and ended up playing for about 15 hours without realizing it then it’s well worth the $14.99. It’s also a slightly more than average looking game, but still charming.

I like this game, I like it a lot. This isn’t really a huge surprise as it is a niche game and I am a huge fan of them, as well as games published by Square Enix. It is the perfect game for people who don’t mind playing one game in the short two week span that usually happens in the gaming world where no good games come out.

  • Fun coop experience
  • Good stat customization
  • Good variety of abilities (MC techniques)
  • A bit repetitive

Final Score: 9 out of 10

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