Portal 2’s Friendly, Economic Turrets

April 19th is so close I can taste it. After endless trailers and previews and visions of Gabe Newell dancing in my head, Portal 2 is almost here. Perhaps I’m looking back on my time with the first Portal in some sort of deluded, nostalgic haze, but then again, maybe the magic is still totally and completely there.

That was funny, right? It’s not just me laughing because my money and some predetermined amount of time has already been sacrificed to the Valve gods, is it? Cave Johnson is a genuinely funny character and marketing something as patently absurd as a metal shell literally stuffed to the brim with 65% more bullets (per bullet) as some sort of babysitting device seems right up his alley (a cautionary tale, though, for the wary).

As I said, though, Portal 2 releases April 19th in North America for Mac, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 with European and Australian releases coming two days later (or however timezones work).

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