Profitville HD Review (iPad)

Game Review: Profitville HD
Release: March 28, 2011
Developer: 10tons Ltd.
MSRP: $4.99
Rating: 4+
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 25.4 MB

Profitville is in shambles. The city needs work done on all it’s business, with shipping being a priority. As the hero of this game, you’ve got to match items with each other and fill shipping quotes. Broken and beat-down items will get in your way, but you’ll have a recycling bin to get rid of those. Take care of all the problems in the city, and Profitville will be back to making a profit.

Profitville HD is a basic match game, but it throws enough curveballs at gamers to warrant it’s release. The screen has conveyor belts slowly moving towards the right, where shipping crates with specific orders to be filled await. The crate will show a number with a shadow of the item it’s looking for, and then you’ll tap that many of that item on the conveyor belt and move them to the crate. You need to avoid both broken items and putting items in the wrong boxes. At this rate, it’s really an evolution of Klax in a way.

The game does throw in a few challenges; items are broken in different ways (so you may not be just looking for a split baseball bat, but a cracked one), and you can gain points from recycling them. Some power-ups will show, with a magnet capturing them all, or gaining the ability to select all of whatever kind of item you tap. These power-ups are almost required to take the game beyond the basic challenge inherent, and are a welcome component.


  • Unique game design
  • Multiple graphical themes
  • Dozens of levels
  • Trophies can be earned
  • Power-ups can help vary gameplay

Profitville‘s biggest issue is the graphics. They’re not bad by any means, but they’re severely unimaginative; it’s one of those games that had basic CG design work done that gets the goal accomplished, but doesn’t take on it’s own style or creativity. Additionally, the music’s somewhat grating, and benefits from being turned down (or off); it’s no Tetris theme. Basically, while the gameplay is rather solid, there’s nothing done to enhance or own it’s own look. The “HD” has nothing to show for it other than using the full resolution of the iPad.

Profitville HD is a pretty entertaining puzzle title, and is one that is uniquely fitted for a touch screen device. The graphics and sound, on the other hand, don’t stand out in any way whatsoever. Still, with solid enough gameplay, the iPad might have it’s Tetris to stand by the Angry Birds that everyone else plays with.


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