3DS Harvest Moon Game Announced

Yesterday Natsume revealed on their Facebook page that there is a new Harvest Moon game in the works for both the 3DS and DS. Today it has been revealed to the rest of the world what this Harvest Moon game will be. Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns is coming to both systems so that it’s more accessible to fans of the series.

In the game you’ll be doing the same old farming and house building as you have in all the other games, but this time around you’re helping bring two towns together that were divided over food. When starting the game you’ll choose which of the towns you want to start in. There is Konohana, an Eastern-styled town abundant with crops, and Bluebell, a European-styled animal loving town.

So far there is no news about differences in the two games, but they will most likely be the same besides the addition of 3D in the 3DS version. I haven’t touched a Harvest Moon game since back in the day of the Gamecube, but I have fond memories of the game and I feel it’s about time for me to get back interested in the series.

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