Augmented Reality Horror Game Slated For 3DS


Arguably the coolest feature on Nintendo’s newest handheld is the packed-in Augmented Reality Games. The Hidden, just announced by developer Majesco, is a title that will effectively utilize the 3DS’s AR capabilities to throw you into the shoes of a paranormal investigator who must search, outsmart and destroy all sorts of paranormal entities. Of course, being an AR Game, the creepy catch here is it will all take place within your own environment. No news on whether this will be a full retail title, or part of the 3DS’s eShop, but either way, it sounds like a pretty fun use of the shiny new 3DS tech.

“The Hidden is a great example of exciting content mixed with compelling technological innovation on the Nintendo 3DS. This immersive experience leverages many key features of the new system- including the camera, gyroscope and Wi-Fi capability-to deliver a rich 3D adventure with multiple layers.”

– Jesse Sutton, Masjesco

Joystiq had a little more to elaborate on the premise and weapons seen in the game:

The Hidden puts the player in the role of a member of the Ghostly Entity Investigation and Strike Team (G.E.I.S.T.), hunting around the real world to find spectral creatures, and then “using a full arsenal of high tech tools and upgradeable weapons, including the Plasmatic Disruptor, Ectoplasm Sensor and Spectral Shield” to defeat them.

The Hidden has a projected release date of October 2011, just in time for Halloween.

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  • This sounds like something I’d buy a 3DS for. Why not try to get this out a bit early?
    How’s about they add in a light sensor where better enemies and stuff can be found at night? It would be cool to play a scary game in the dark, but I’m not sure that’s possible right now… Plus it would hurt your eyes.