DoubleFeature: Raising The Digital Comics Bar

As some of you know, I’m a big fan of digital comics, especially on the iPad. Comic book apps like Comixology and have done a fantastic job of making the digital comics reading experience nearly identical to the printed comics experience. I never thought about ways that digital comics could surpass the experience of their printed counterparts. Luckly, Four Star Studios has been thinking of just that. Their new app DoubleFeature raises the bar of what a digital comic can be.

DoubleFeature is a new comic book app for the iPad (the comics are also available in PDF form on the DoubleFeature website). Unlike a lot of other comic book apps it won’t have material from publishers like Marvel, DC, Image, etc. DoubleFeature is going to have brand new, original stories. The comics will have two short stories (8 pages each) for only 99 cents. Four Star Studios promises great creators doing cutting edge material.

Right now there is only one comic available on DoubleFeature. The two stories are Mike Norton and Dennis Hopeless’ “The Answer” and Tim Seeley and Ross Campbell’s “Jack Kraken.” Both the stories are fun, well drawn, and completely worth your 99 cents. What really jumped out at me were the comic’s special features. Each comic has a commentary by one of the creators. If you’ve listened to a DVD commentary you know how this works. The commentary lets you in on how the comic was made, different decisions, fun facts and more. Rereading through the story with the commentary is fun and lets you see the story in a whole new way. It’s awesome to see be let in on the creative process.

The other great special feature is the ability to see each page at different points of its creation. You can see pages of just pencils, then with ink, then with color and then with words. I have zero artistic talent and it’s awesome to see how these pages go from pencils to full color comics. I bet you artists out there will get even more from it than me.

DoubleFeature is really showing the comics world what digital comics can be. Quality, short, cheap, original, risky stories that use the technology they’re on to create a unique experience. If Four Star Studios keeps delivering products like this first issue on Doublefeature, they can expect my 99 cents every issue.

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