Dungeon Siege III Release Pushed Back

The latest and what presumably will be the greatest in the Dungeon Siege series has been pushed back from it’s original release date at the end of May. It is now slated to come out on June 21st.

President and CEO of Square Enix, Mike Fischer, said this about the delay:

“Square Enix is committed to delivering the ultimate Dungeon Siege experience. Although the final polish phase has demanded a bit more time than originally planned, we want to assure fans and followers that the additional effort will allow us to deliver an action-RPG worthy of its rich heritage.”

This delay has me slightly worried about how well the game will do because of the other June releases. There may not be any other big games releasing during that week, but the two weeks before we’re seeing Infamous 2, Shadows of the Damned, Child of Eden, Duke Nukem Forever, and Alice Madness Returns hitting shelves. With all of those games releasing I feel that only hardcore PC gamers and hardcore fans of the series will end up picking this game.

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