inFamous 2 Quest For Power Trailer

We have the new inFamous 2 Quest for Power trailer here for your viewing pleasure.  Watch as Cole uses his Ice and Oil powers in the trailer below, here is a little more background:

When Cole and Zeke eventually track down Dr. Wolfe, he explains that over years of experimenting, he had isolated the specific type of energy responsible for all genetic mutations. Dr. Wolfe’s technology—like the Ray Sphere—was all created to concentrate and manipulate this energy. To most people a dose of this mutative energy is fatal—but for a small fraction, the energy unlocks their untapped potential. These rare individuals are called Conduits, and of course Cole is one of them.

Wolfe has also developed a device—called a Blast Core—which can store this type of energy safely for an extended period of time… Over the years, he’s built and charged six of these Blast Cores. So to continue his evolution, Cole will need to locate these all-important Blast Cores, and absorb their energy into his body. But Wolfe fears the Blast Cores will fall into the wrong hands, so he has moved them to safe locations around the city — and Cole will have to hunt them all down.

Now for the trailer!

So what did you think? Even if your are not an inFamous fan I must say this new inFamous 2 trailer will leave you intrigued.


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