Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus to Receive European Release

Heaven or Hell? Let’s rock!

Good news for our European readers. Zen United, a consulting firm that translates Japanese proprieties for European market is planning on releasing Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus in a Collector’s Edition in the UK and Greater Europe for the Wii, PS2 and PSP. The Collector’s Edition will have the following new gameplay features:

• Huge story mode that allows you to explore the back stories of your favourite Guilty Gear characters.

• Retuned and rebalanced fighting system making Accent Core PLUS the definitive instalment in the series.

• Guilty Gear’s combatants are renowned for their diversity and balance offering a 25 character roster – including the return of fan favourites Kliff and Justice.

• Brand new exclusive game modes, including an innovative Survival mode that allows you to level up and increase your character’s abilities.

• Brand New ‘Battle Royale’ allowing players to create three man teams, adding new layers of strategy for the ultimate in versus mode battles.

• Enjoy Guilty Gear Accent Core PLUS in 480p for the first time on Wii.

Additionally, the Collector’s edition will come with a host of extras, including a choice between Guilty Gear: 10th Memorial Artbook or the limited edition, Guilty Gear: Lost Archives art book, a Limited Edition antique silver Guilty Gear keychain, a copy of the official soundtrack, a nice looking t-shirt, a stylish box as well as one of two hundred Giclee prints of Guilty Gear’s A.B.A, numbered and printed on Hahnmemuhle paper, all of which is pictured above.

If you’re a die hard European Guilty Gear fan, the collector’s edition will be released on May 6th and will be priced at 66.66 Euros, or $95.99 and is available for purchase through the Zen United Online Store. Zen United also ships internationally, so if you’re living in the States and are a Guilty Gear fanboy, you can get this shipped to you and run it as long as you have a PAL converter.

Hopefully, if this sells well, Arc System Works will consider making another Guilty Gear, as I think it’s a much better franchise than BlazBlue.

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