Buy A Kinect And Score Body And Brain Connection For Free

We all love free stuff and here is one you might like if you are thinking of picking up a Kinect at GameStop.  Starting yesterday and running until April 16th if you purchase a new Kinect sensor from GameStop you will get Body and Brain Connection for Free!  Here is a little more about Body and Brain Connection for the Kinect:

Body and Brain Connection will test the whole family to think quickly and act even quicker as they compete in 20 unique activities ranging from math, logic, reflex, memory and physical-related exercises using the full-motion capabilities of the Kinect sensor in exciting single and multiplayer modes. Players can track their daily brain age progress and complete a specialized set of single player exercises determined by the player’s previous results.

The game itself sounds like a lot of fun. So remember if you are shopping for a Kinect this week make sure to remember the deal right now over at GameStop.

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