Capcom Releases New Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Trailers

Capcom just released some new trailers to promote Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, which will be a downloadable upgrade to Super Street Fighter IV available to purchase on June 7th as a $15 upgrade. Alternatively, it will be available to purchase without having owned another Street Fighter title for $40. Besides for some major balancing issues, Capcom will also introduce four new characters. The twins Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III, an evil version of Ryu and Oni, a character who looks eerily like a more evil Akuma (if that’s even possible). There are also plans for a PC port of the title, although the date for this release has not been confirmed as of yet.

Take a look at the trailers below and let us know what you think.

Also, for those of you who want to see some Yun and Yang gameplay, here’s an old trailer showing off some of their Street Fighter III goodness.

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