inFamous 2 Pre-Beta Hands-On Impressions

So, I just got back from an awesome pre-beta inFAMOUS 2 event, and I’m more excited than ever to play this game.  I played two demos from the core story, and that was more than enough to show that everything is here that made the original game a hit, and then some.  Challenging cannon-fodder, crazy bosses, and polished environments were all present and accounted for.  In addition, Cole had a few more powers available to use — my favorite had to be the electric vortex, which could be used to suck up cars, rocks, and pedestrians into a swirling lightning tornado, and hurl it at your target.  There is no doubt in my mind that the core game would leave players satisfied if those demo levels are a proper representation of the game at large; but, the main attraction of the event was the User Generated Content (or, UGC).

As you may have heard, inFAMOUS will feature the ability to create your own levels, and share them over the PSN for all to play (LittleBigInFAMOUS?).  This will be a fully functional level creator, but it’s not overwhelming.  Choose a section of the city, and that’s where you’ll begin, complete with the buildings and streets already populated, so all you have to do is fill in all the fun stuff for fellow players to zap.

Enemies, hostages, spectators, victims…you insert them all, and determine their actions along with the narrative, victory conditions, and even exactly what powers you want Cole to have access to.  Much like LBP, creating levels can really be a game unto itself, and I can see it eating up a lot of time from folks who are creative enough and willing to put in a little time to learn what works, and what doesn’t.

Expect to see the highest rated UGC levels auto-populate into your regular game map whenever you’re connected to the PSN.  There will be no special button to push, they’ll just be there waiting for you whenever you’re ready to see what the community has created.  There will, however, be customizable filters which will allow you (for example) to see the low rated UGC levels, or just levels that have been created by your friends.

If inFAMOUS 2 is not on your radar, it should be.  The scheduled launch date is June 7, and it can’t come soon enough.  Stay tuned to Platform Nation for continuing news and developments on this sure-to-be GOTY contender.

videos: PlayStation Blog


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