Nintendo Virtual Boy Featured On History Channel’s Pawn Stars

In a recent episode of Pawn Stars, a man tried to sell a Virtual Boy for a modest sum of $200. He was quickly rejected for that price, cut down to $80 and tried to renegotiate with the pawn brokers for $110, but ended up selling it for $80 anyway

That cheap bastard

The Virtual Boy was a little bit before my time, but like the episode clip states, it really gave me a headache the one time I played it. I did a bit of research into the thing and apparently only 22 titles were released for it, and only 14 of these were ever released in the US. I never owned one myself, but my dad’s best friend’s kids had one, and I played it while we were on a road trip.

Rather then spend extensive time at Niagra Falls, I played with this thing

I was curious, for all you older gamers out there, have you had any experience with the Virtual Boy? Did it live up to its infamous reputation as the worst system ever by Nintendo?

For now, take a look at this episode clip of this guy getting ripped off for his Virtual Boy. Seriously, I would never sell that thing for $80, you could barely get a new game with that.

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  • Taylor

    You DO realize that 

    A) It was defective, and 

    B) It’s a pawn shop, right?

    Given that it was basically defective I was lucky to get what I did.