Tony Hawk Talks Tony Hawk in 2012

We all thought the Tony Hawk series had died, or at least, I did. Although I have fond memories of the franchise, particularly of the original, Tony Hawk 3, and Tony Hawk Underground, the franchise has lost what made it great in recent years. Instead of doing manuals into crazy unrealistic but highly entertaining infinite multiplier combos, the latest installments seemed to focus more on cheap Jack-Ass style gags.

The way Tony Hawk used to be

But after a fairly long hiatus, the big man himself has confirmed in an interview with Nelson Abalos of Pixalted Geeks that there are plans for future installments.

“We’re actually right in the middle of making a whole new plan right now,” Hawk said.

“We’re going to do something probably for next year, but I can’t give too much away, but definitely we’re going to make new games, yes.”

Check out the rest of the interview for Tony Hawk’s take on Star Wars and for his silly attempt at a Chewbacca impression.

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  • Corey

    I remember reading YEARS ago in the PS1 days in an issue of OPM, that they planned on making 16 Tony Hawk titles. Not sure the count yet, must be getting close though.

  • Damn man, you are soooo right!
    visit my page to get some memories back!
    i am still playing in one of the best THPS clans.


    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      Yeah, Tony Hawk really was one of those great franchises that sadly died out. I’ll be sure to check out some of your vids.

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