Egg Vs Chicken (iPhone)

Game Review: Egg vs Chicken
Release: March 8, 2011
Developer: PlayFirst
MSRP: $.99
Rating: (Age) 9+
Version: 1.1
Size: 66.8 MB


From PlayFirst, the makers of such hits as Diner Dash, comes Egg vs. Chicken for the iPhone, a hybrid of classic tower defense games and match-three puzzle games.  The idea is certainly original, and the game offers plenty of engaging gameplay, making it worth the $0.99 at the app store.



Egg vs. Chicken starts out very simply.  For some reason or another (the story is kind of cheesy) the chickens and eggs are at war with one another, and players must fling eggs at oncoming chickens, but not before they match them into groups of three.  To begin, players only need to worry about matching up two different types of eggs, white and brown, and the chicken armies are relatively pathetic.  As the game progresses, however, the egg reserve grows larger and special eggs, such as fire and ice eggs, are introduced along with new chicken types.  Fire eggs are more effective against frozen chickens, and ice eggs are powerful against rotisserie chickens.



In the later levels things can get very fast-paced, and the seemingly endless armies of chickens can become overwhelming after a time.  The game is great for playing for a few minutes or a few hours, but the 36 levels only last about 4 hours or so.  In reality, the replay value of the game isn’t all that great, so most players will probably be bored by the time they reach the final levels.  Still, fans of the games will be glad to hear that PlayFirst is developing new downloadable levels for release in the near future.


The controls for Egg vs. Chicken couldn’t really be simpler.  Players swipe eggs on the screen in order to line them up or simply tap an egg to move it out of the way.  The touch interface is very responsive and fluid, which is necessary for the more difficult levels, which require very fast reaction time.  The learning curve is extremely steep in later levels, and fair-weather gamers may find themselves giving up out of frustration before long.

The graphics in Egg Vs. Chicken are certainly charming, and the intermittent cut-scene animations are a nice touch.  PlayFirst really went the extra mile in character design for this game, developing individual personalities for each type of chicken when they could have simply made an army of chicken clones.  The animations also add a great additional dimension to the battle scene, and the sound effects are spot on.

What improvements can be done: Can be too repetitive at times, the Developer should add some features to mix things up.

Jimmy’s final say: Overall, the game takes an original idea and executes it well, providing an engaging experience that gamers can enjoy for hours on end.  iPhone users looking for more depth might want to opt for a different title, but Egg vs. Chicken is a great way to pass the time and lovers of fast-paced puzzle games will be happy to shell out the $0.99 at the app store.

Buy (if you’re a Casual Gamer)

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