Sneak Peek: Samurai Girl Official Trailer

If you love iPhone Action-RPG games then you’re in for a treat. Samurai Girl looks like a hit for fans of this genre. Packed with extensive worlds, tons of quests and hordes of bosses only means one thing: hours of intense gaming.  Here is some more information about the game.

Samurai Girl is an RPG classic waiting to happen. Beautifully designed by a company that knows gaming – gaming portal Netmarble boasts 25 million members – Samurai Girl combines classic elements of role-playing games with fresh graphics and a variety of tempting treats for RPG gamers. Samurai Girl’s universe is one of mystery, revenge, and of course, honor. Conquer four worlds, fifty quests, and fifteen bosses using a formidable arsenal of swordsmanship skills, magic, and hundreds of items – and Samurai Girl Hikaru’s pet Phoenix – in your quest to protect Sakura the Divine Sword from the nefarious Delta-M and avenge the death of Hikaru’s father.

Check out the trailer below!

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