Tiki Towers 2 (iPhone)

Game Review: Tiki Towers 2
Release: Jan 20, 2011
Developer: Real Networks
MSRP: $2.99
Rating: (Age) 9+
Version: 1.1.1
Size: 126 MB
Website: Real Networks

One of the first games to appear on the iPhone, Tiki Towers was a fun physics-based puzzle game in which the player comes to the aid of a troop of monkeys in getting from one location to another.  In the newest installment in the series, Tiki Towers 2 provides all of the same fun of the original with a few added bonuses.

Many gamers will notice that Tiki Towers 2 is basically an adaptation of the physics-based puzzle game World of Goo.  Though it may not be totally original, the game succeeds by utilizing all of the same fun features that made World of Goo such a hit.  Players must build bridges and other structures out of various building materials (wood, bamboo, etc.) in order to help the monkeys reach their ultimate goal.  Additionally, levels are littered with bananas which must be obtained in order to achieve the maximum score possible for the level.



The game certainly has a learning curve, and it will most likely take some practice before you’ll be building complex structures with ease.  Even once you manage to overcome the challenges of gravity, there is still the frustrating aspects of monkeys jumping all over your structures, meaning that even the most soundly build apparatus can still be taken down by a few overzealous monkeys.  This challenge, combined with a total of 30 unlockable levels, make this game a sure source of entertainment for at least a few hours, perhaps more.

The controls can be hard to master at first, especially if you haven’t played this kind of game before.  Building sturdy structures takes a steady hand and some quick maneuvering in many cases, especially in the later levels, and the touch interface can certainly get frustrating.  A great deal of time is generally spent zooming in and out in order to get a better look at your environment, and this can sometimes be taxing on both the fingers and the eyes.

One of the major improvements that came with the sequel was the streamlining of the graphics and animations, which run much better on the iPhone’s retina display.  The monkey’s movements and expressions are always hilarious, and their amusing jumps and swings really add a nice flare to the gameplay.  As stated earlier, however, many of the zooming movements which are so pivotal to the game can be very disorienting, with images focusing and un-focusing, and this may be problem for those gamers at risk of seizures.

What improvements can be done: It would be nice if the controls were easier and more fluid.

Jimmy’s final say: In the end, Tiki Towers 2 (link) is not only one of the best looking new iPhone games on the market, but the engaging gameplay and amazing replay value make it a must-buy for any iPhone game enthusiast.  So if you’re looking for a new distraction that tests your problem-solving skills like no other, be sure to pick up Tiki Towers 2 at the app store today.



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