Driving Under Zombie Influence

Looks like Excalibur Publishing knows what it takes to make a driving game great. Screw destructive weapons, screw fancy cars all you need is a little zombie love. What could be better then total carnage when you take Zombies throw them in a car to race around a track and kill other drivers. Unique cars with unique weapons gives you many different combinations to rain down terror on your unsuspecting enemies. You are already dead so create as much carnage as you gain to gain the lead you have nothing to lose.

Excalibur Publishing spreads the infection with the PC-DVD ROM release of Zombie Driver, the Golden Joystick award nominated horror extravaganza!
Slice and dice your way through hordes of the undead in a race against time to save the hapless residents of a city cursed by a zombie scourge. Race along the streets, smashing all obstacles in your path and dealing with the dozens of determined dead with a wide range of weaponry attached to your vehicle as you hack and slash, flail and fry your way to victory.
Zombie Driver blends arcade action with compelling racing in a frantic killfest where you can become the hero amidst all the horror! With a massive array of gameplay modes that pitch you against the marauding mutants the mayhem never ends!

Looking for some insanely fun Zombie carnage with the addition of cars? Well you are in luck because you are being brought a multitude of great options to get your zombie kill on. Mow down zombies like they are Sunday’s grass your car is your weapon. Don’t worry if it takes too much damage just borrow your neighbors he won’t care he has no use for it now that he is a zombie.

Story mode with 17 missions, sub quests and bonus objectives in a huge, free roaming city

Blood Race mode with 30 unique events offering the best arcade racing experience in 3 distinct game types:

Race – classic racing spiced up with guns and loads of zombies

Eliminator – take down as many vehicles as you can before the time runs out

Endurance – there is a bomb on your car and its ticking. Race through checkpoints to extend your time

Slaughter mode with 6 survival arenas featuring enormous killing sprees

8 different cars ranging from a sports car to a school bus

9 different upgrades for each car, which can transform even an innocent taxi into a Chariot of Death.

All cars can be mounted with miniguns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers or even dual railguns.

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