SnakeByte Strikes PS3

SnakeByte will be injecting its venom in the form of some great third party accessories into the PS3 during E3. SnakeByte will be one of the very first companies to tackle the Move and navigation controllers. Gamers weary of taking the jump to purchase the Move or the Nav-controller now have a chance. Charging move controllers has never been more easy or stylish there is a great LCD clock on the front. Users will be able to plug in up to five different move controllers or any device that uses a standard Usb Hub.

snakebyte Mov-Con and Nav-Con
The first 100%-compatible third party controllers for Move games for the PS3 will be available as a set and in various colors.
snakebyte RE:VOLT Power Station
The clever charging dock for all PS3 Move controllers does not just charge, it also offers unique features like the multi-tap mode, additional USB ports and charging ports for PS3 controllers.

snakebyte BluMote Unity
This universal remote control is the only device on the market that offers Bluetooth as well as IR connectivity; the PS3 and up to 6 additional hi-fi components can be controlled via IR and without dongles.
You can find both the Sunflex Europe and USA teams at booth # 5744; they’re looking forward to your visit, as is the new Snake Lady!

Check out their website Here: SnakeByte

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