Two Worlds II To Receive “Pirates of the Flying Fortress” Expansion

Polish developer Reality Pump, the team behind Two Worlds II, just announced plans for a new expansion pack in September called ‘Pirates of the Flying Fortress.’ The expansion is reputed to add expanded weather animations, dozens of new weapons and in-game times, impact horse armor, new breeds of horses, new enemies and bosses as well as new animated cut scenes and dialog.

Many people loved this game, for some reason or another, as it sold over 2.25 millions copies upon its release. However, I found the game was a classic case of smoke and mirrors and the excellent advertising campaign did not hold up to my expectations.

Seriously, this is hilarious. The whole Sordohon’s Journey series was such an excellent and creative idea.

Sure, it was an improvement over the first game, but that doesn’t make it good by any means. The hero sounded like he swallowed a barrel of gravel, the plot was so convoluted that following Atlas Shrugged or Absalom Absalom was possibly easier, and the gameplay was just well…terrible. I stopped playing after an hour after my game autosaved in the middle of a glitch where my main character fell of a bridge and into a bottomless pit of water, which he survived but is not able to move from.

Regardless, if you liked the game, check back for this expansion to launch in September. Pricing information, and whether this game will be retail or a DLC pack, is currently unknown.

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