Fable III PC Much Harder Than Console Version?

Having experienced Fable III on the Xbox 360 and successfully constructed a revolution without many major difficulties, it would seem only logical to increase or adjust the game difficulty. Of course when discussing in game difficulty the question still remains, how hard or difficult should it be? Not easy enough so gamers can easily clear entire hordes of enemies without a second thought and not too difficult to the extent that gamers are unable the complete the game.

“We’ve always kept that as a mainstay, but when the difficulty came up we were talking about what would PC players want. What would be important to them? The additional challenge, or the choice for additional challenge was something that we thought was important….”

The PC version of Fable III will also feature an altered user interface, achievements have also been altered and made slightly easier to achieve and quite a few of the bugs have significantly been reduced. The PC version of Fable III is due June 20th (UK) so be sure to mark that date in your diary.


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