Mortal Kombat Secret Fatalities Revealed

We all know that what makes a good Mortal Kombat game is good fatalities.

Kind of like this one

And the latest Mortal Kombat seem to be continuing that trend. Somehow, Youtube user ISpywithEye received an advance copy of the upcoming Mortal Kombat some secret fatalities from the game. I think it may have been from a live stream, but I’m not exactly sure which stream he took the videos from. They are all in high quality except for the Kratos video.

The fatalities are as follows:

Jade’s ‘Half Mast’ fatality, which involves Jade throwing Kitana into the air, impaling her on a pole and ripping off her head,

Shang Tsung ‘Bang, Bang!’ fatality, which has him turning into a clown and blowing out his opponents brains (which makes so sense if the Joker did it in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and also explains those weird clown screenshots).

Kratos’ fatailtiy, which has him literally cleave his opponent in half in an extremely brutal manner.

Reptile’s ‘Weight Lost’ fatality, which has him shove a ball of acid into his opponent’s stomach, removing all their weight, and the rest of their internal organs while he’s at it.

Stryker’s ‘Taze Boom’ fatality, which has him taze and then shoot his opponent, and is really a bit underwhelming in comparison to the rest .

Cyrax’s ‘Nothing but Net’ fatality, which has him shoot from his chest a laser net which dismembers his opponent

And finally, Raiden’s ‘Nothing but a Scratch’ fataltiy, which has Raiden using two volleys of thunderbolts and a face smash to brutally murder his opponent.

If any more secret fatality videos surface, please don’t hesitate to inform us. The game will be out on the 16th of April, so you only have to wait three more days until you can challenge some random passerby to “MORTAL KOMBAT!”

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  • Estoy viendo que mortal kombat es pura porquería poco creíble, ya mero al jalarte de los pelos se te arranca la cabeza, se requeriría una de 5000 N de fuerza y primero se arrancaria los pelos, Reptil decepcionante hubieran puesto a laura de america, aun asi un rasguño de esta magnitud solo un oso y dudo que llegara hasta los intestinos, raiden, suponiendo que existiera la electricidad quema , no hace explotar las cosas a menos que tuviera químicos.

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      That’s how Mortal Kombat has always been though. Fatalities are meant to be exaggerated.

  • Stryker’s Fatality looks exactly like Reptile’s.

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      My bad, fixed that now.

  • Rob

    The clown laugh and animation seem identical to The Jokers fatality in MK vs DC

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      It actually is