“FortressCraft” Becomes Fastest-Selling Live Indie Title

You know that game where you use blocks to build your world? Minecraft, right? While Minecraft will be hitting version 1.5 sometime this week, that’s not the game we’re discussing. Projector Games’ FortressCraft, available on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, has sold 16,000 copies on the first day, and became the fastest selling indie title within the first week. Additionally, FortressCraft has a great conversion rate of demo-to-paid players of 70%.

FortressCraft, though, is mired in controversy. The game does allow Avatars to run around the virtual world, and offers most of the blocks at the beginning, without mining or collecting. Still, many people see it as a Minecraft clone that only has the Xbox 360 to help it reach a console crowd. I picked it up for the 240 MS points, played it once, and went back to Minecraft.

Have you been mining, or have you built a fortress?

Via ProjectorGames

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  • bill

    Minecraft destroys any other game similar to it mainly because Mojang is constantly updating it. you want dogs? next week there they are.

  • http://Website Domasin

    More like if you are one of Notch’s idols and want dogs they’re there next week. But otherwise you have to wait for a mod.

  • http://Website Mad Hatter

    Competition will always force better products… Or else…

  • http://Website Ryan

    This is absolute BULLSHIT

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