inFAMOUS 2’s Mission Designer, Ice Arms, Soft Spots

Thanks to Jeff Rubenstein over at the PlayStation Blog, you can see a significant portion of what’s new in inFAMOUS 2. First up is a video with Sucker Punch’s senior game designer Karl Deckard walking through some of the mission designer’s functionality.

Seems like some pretty powerful stuff. Obviously it’s not going to go as deep as something like LittleBigPlanet where you are literally crafting worlds and objects, but it seems deep enough to produce some pretty compelling content.

Then Rubenstein goes on to describe his play time with two single-player levels from the game’s story. One involves an evil Cole with revamped movement and a giant ice monster and the other describes obliterating a giant Behemoth with a soft spot for electricity. It’s far too long to rehash it again here, but hop on over to the PlayStation Blog and give it a whirl. Your appetite will be whetted.

I mean, come on, look how badass this is!

via PlayStation Blog.

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