Samson Meteor Mic Now Available

Looking into maybe starting your own podcast because one of the fine Platform Nation podcast have inspired you? Maybe you are just looking into another mic to recorded your favorite podcast, whatever the case we have a mic that is not only affordable, easy to use and compact, but one you can pick up at your local Best Buy. Here is more about the mic we are talking about, without further ado the Samson Meteor Mic.

As podcasting continues to grow in popularity, creators need both audio quality and ease of use. Meteor Mic can help you wow your listeners and set yourself apart in a crowded podcasting community.

Producing rich audio recording for any application, Meteor Mic has one of the largest condenser diaphragms (25mm) of any USB mic available. Its cardioid pickup pattern, smooth frequency response and 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution give you professional audio results no matter what you’re recording.

Meteor Mic’s chrome-plated body includes a fold-back leg design that looks amazing on your desktop. And the legs adjust to the optimal position for any recording application from acoustic guitars to vocals or speech.


Now this isn’t only for the podcasting community out there as this is for the song writer, singer or instrument player.

For singer/songwriters or a band looking to capture a jam session right on a computer, Meteor Mic ensures you get every note. Its cardioid pickup pattern captures pristine vocals or can be used to close-mic an instrument or guitar amplifier.

For more information about the Samson Meteor Mic that is perfect for the podcaster, musician, Skype user and let’s not forget a perfect mic for iPad’s Garage Band and will only set you back $99 check out the link above.

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