What’s New In Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer

Just six and a half months until Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception releases. This is the reminder Arne Meyer has for everyone in his multiplayer preview over at the PlayStation Blog today. It’s a lengthy post but coming from Uncharted 3’s community strategist at Naughty Dog, it’s also chock-full with tasty tidbits of information and a new trailer.

The main difference you’ll probably notice (as both Meyer and every other gaming news outlet is quick to point out) is that player models are now totally customizable. Heroes, villains, and campaign characters are all customizable from their aviator sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts, and half-tuck status.

This extends into weapon customization. Not only can you change the look of your weapons but also the functionality by adding and removing mods that affect your ammo capacity, zoom levels, and more.

In essence, I guess you could say Uncharted 3’s multiplayer is going a bit more…”mainstream,” so to say. Much like Call of Duty’s perks, you can earn medals for going on killstreaks and doing other special actions which you can spend on Medal Kickbacks (some of which are listed out over at Kotaku). As seen in the trailer, these Kickbacks are activated in the heat of battle and grant you a one-time use bonus like the triple-grenade attack Carpet Bomb and the double-money-earning Cash ’em In.

What keeps the game unique, though, are the maps and the gameplay. The gameplay isn’t changing much, but the maps are drawing from the cinematic experience of the single-player campaign. Levels like the Chateau (same as from all those single-player demos you’ve seen) will burn down around you and alter pathways you can take to sneak up on other players while levels like the Airstrip open up with a car chase involving some trucks, a plane, and two teams of not-so-friendly competitors. It’s been said these additions won’t negatively impact or “cheat” a given team, but it still worries me that, such as on the Airstrip, one team has to fight its way up to the other team which can hunker down until the fight continues on stationary ground.

There are a few more things to read about (such as new game modes and Power Plays, a team bonus aimed to keep games close if one team is absolutely destroying another), but you should really head over to Meyer’s writeup if you want the full scoop (and don’t forget the exclusive USA Today article on the Facebook and YouTube integration). And be sure to check out those fancy new screenshots!

via the PlayStation Blog.

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