Kinect Sports To Get Food Based DLC

Ever wanted to beat up a pizza? How about racing a banana? Well bizarrely now you can. Kinect Sports is getting a new slice of downloadable content on April 29th called “Calorie Challenge”. It’ll set you back 320 Microsoft Points and allow you to face off against a variety of fast foods worth different calorie amounts, with the idea being to work off the assigned number of calories through a variety of challenges. ‘Mighty Milk’ for example represents 192 calories, while ‘Chocolate Challenger’ is worth a whopping 416 calories. Or if you’re feeling lazy you can just challenge ‘Steady Celery’ to burn off 25 calories.

This delicious looking side order of content comes complete with 250 Achievement Points and two Avatar awards to unlock, and in my case will also fulfill a life-long dream of finally being able to prove that I’m better at bowling than a carton of milk.

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