D&D Daggerdale Story Trailer

I wrote a preview a while ago for D&D Daggerdale and now we have the release of a new trailer regarding the story/lore of Daggerdale.
Story might be a strong a word, as scale the tower and kill the bad guy is the gist of this story trailer, but nonetheless.
The general time frame for this D&D game is for spring, however that is subject to change.

My concern with the current release date is in regards to how much information we have on the game itself. There isn’t a whole lot to be seen at this point in time and I wonder if Daggerdale will actually be released this spring, or if the release will be pushed back until later this year.
I have high hopes for D&D Daggerdale, I am personally a fan of Dungeons & Dragons and look forward to seeing how this might shape up.
I now present to you the latest trailer for D&D Daggerdale.

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  • Looks like something I would enjoy. I’ll have to keep my eye open for it.

  • Dungeons N Dragons for the win!

    I’m really looking forward to this one, seems as though this is the Summer of Fantasy! Game of Thrones, hopefully a decent D&D multi player experience, a hobbit film if we’re really lucky, an update for DDO which promises to make it a good game 😀

    Can’t wait to have all my dreams dashed when it turns out they’re all rubbish 😀