Network Downtime = Compensation?

The on-going outage of the PlayStation Network begs the question: If we pay for a service should we be entitled to compensation?  If your company suffers from an outage of say electricity or phone services then sometimes we are able to claim compensation.  Similarly if your employer makes an error regarding paying your wages then they are usually liable to pay any bank charges you might occur. 

Now any downtime of PSN or Xbox Live aren’t really that critical if you’re honest.  But at least in the the case of the Microsoft service you have to pay to play online.  As a PlayStation owner you can pay extra money for PlayStation Plus.  And Nintendo’s multiplayer servers remain wholly free.

Realistically it is unreasonable to ask for or expect compensation for any sort of downtime in the online servers.  Even though I am flumoxed as to why Sony’s is lasting so long.  However I do think that for an outage as long as this Sony could earn themselves a few brownie points here by offering some sort of gesture of good will.  A free mini or one of the cheaper games (such as Stacking or Lead & Gold or one of the Sonic games recently released on the PlayStation Network) would go some way to redeeming themselves in this matter.  I don’t think we should expect compensation but we do pay quite a lot for the privilege of playing on these consoles and it would be nice for Sony to show how much they value our custom and patience.

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  • Normally I’d say that anyone that would like compensation must be crazy, that is until I “cut the cord”. I’ve been using my PlayStation for my tv and movie needs, I have a hulu plus and a netfilx account. Now my daughter uses this for her Dora, Diego, and the wife and I use it for our TV watching, since their service went down, I’m now unable to use the services that I’m paying for. The services that are my only way to now enjoy my TV shows and with PSN down, I can’t. In the end I know it’s not really a big deal, one or two days of no TV shows, but Sony does need to come up with some work around for when their service is down.

    • j

      i am watching netflix right now as we speak on my Ps3; it said successful sign in was required to use netflix but i tried anyways and it work. ive watched about 10 movies since the outage.

      • Thats true you can still watch netflix. Just hit the sign in a few times then back out once netflix loads. Ive been watching it since the outage

      • James warrent

        Can’t if you seen error n reset to factory settings before finding out psn was down…..only option is to join psn which u can’t

  • Sony really does need to add the extra days lost to any and all subscription services on the return of PSN and if they are being attacked by DDOS they need to share this information with their customers,ie those of us who do not play pirated games on “jail-broken” consoles.

    Sony are way to quiet right now – customers are beginning to wonder how secure their data is on PSN especially Bank Cards.

    By saying nothing it fuels anxiety.

    If this silence continues Iam removing my bank card details from my PSN account by way of a letter as a precaution because Playstation Network cannot be emailed which is ridiculous.

  • I don’t understand why people keep saying they cannot access their pay services like Netflix. The attempt to log in to the Playstation Network is automatic but not necessary. Just click through the attempts and eventually you can watch your movies and tv shows.

    • that has nothing really to do with this whole hacking psn network thing just stop this nonsense with NetFlix and all this shit crazy stuff PLAYSTATION NETWORK WILL BE BACK ON THIS AFTERNOON AT 16:05 OMG GUYS calm down with ALL THIS!!!!!

  • hey guys today afternoon network will be back on at 16:05 if you guys dont believe me check it on this adress: News: PlayStation Network down for maintenance today it will also work tomorrow guys so stop being pissed off just some stupid hackers sony can do it (well they already are doing it) yh guys so please be happy its not like the first time playstation network has been down!

  • hey guys do you know this has something to do with japan? YH!!

  • James warrent

    Hey assholes netflix does not work it did work but ppl who incountered the error put there systems back to factory reset which once done the only option is to sign up for psn you can no longer get it to load!!!!!

    • ice

      systems back to factory why the fuck would any one do that just cuz psn did not sine in ur a dumbassssssssssssssss u reformat when game freez lol

  • I paid £300 to play games both off-line and on-line not just off-line so I think we should be paid compensation.

  • Moneypmd

    Compensation should absolutely be offered. Most PS3 games are marketed as featuring online features and components that as of today are useless! We as consumers are not getting what we have paid for! It does not matter that the PSN is a free service, the games with online features are not free.

    I understand Sony has a lot on their plate with respect to dealing with a MASSIVE security breach, however, customer satisfaction can not be allowed to fall by the wayside.

    Want to complain about hackers? How about channeling that anger at Sony? Last time I checked XBOX Live was working fine. Maybe Sony should ramp up their security! We all know they have the financial ability to do so.

    Do you want to make this right Sony? Okay, here you go:

    1. APOLOGIZE for mishandling the entire situation from the start and assure us that every effort will be made to prevent this in the future.

    2. ADMIT to mistakes including the loss of customers personal information.

    3. RECOGNIZE that from a consumers standpoint that simply bearing with them for 6+ days is unacceptable without compensation.

    4. COMPENSATE accordingly. Given the nature and mishandling of the situation coupled with the length of the outage, substantial compensation should be given. Examples: $60 credit to the “new and secure” PSN, a free game (disc), OR a voucher for a free or discounted peripheral (controller, EYE, MOVE, etc.)

    Pull it together SONY! Your customers are watching and waiting!