“Street Fighter” Joins The Comic Book Fight In “HeroClix”

Sure, the DC Comic heroes fought Mortal Kombat, and the Street Fighters started challenging the X-Men years ago. These battles were fought in the video game arena. It looks like the dice-rolling community will get a chance to play with the Street Fighters now, as WizKids has announced a Street Fighter line of HeroClix. A Starter Set will retail for $19.99, and individual boosters will go for $2.99.

HeroClix has been around for the better part of a decade. Traditionally focused on DC and Marvel characters, they’ve ventured out to “Indy” lines. City Of Heroes has even had it’s own figures, so it’s not as if Street Fighter is the first video game to tackle the line. All the figures include a ring of stats at the bottom, allowing players to click their powers up or down, given how the game is going.

I played HeroClix for years, but lost interest. Are you going to look into it?

Via Comics Alliance

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  • They really should have gone with Mortal Kombat instead. It just fits the style of Heroclix so much better. SF fans are going to be sad to realize that you can’t button mash this game…

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